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Latch 101 Prerecorded Workshop - Breezy Babies

Latch 101 Prerecorded Workshop

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Latch 101 + Avoiding Sore Nipples


*This is not a live class. It's prerecorded with unlimited, lifetime access. This workshop is about 1.5 hours and taught by Bri. 


Want to set yourself up for success for latching, from the very beginning? Would you like to avoid sore nipples? Come spend one hour with Bri and leave a confident mama.

This class is perfect for pregnant mamas, those planning to be pregnant soon, or those with a young baby. 


This class pairs perfectly with the More Milk Prerecorded Workshop. Grab both for full breastfeeding preparedness! 


Watch to learn about:

- Setting a breastfeeding goal

- How to latch

- How to avoid the 3 B's of nipple pain (blisters, bleeding, and breakdown)

- Best nipple creams and products


Here's what others are saying:

"It was great and I am more confident with latching now."

"As a first-time mom, it can be very overwhelming to realize all the education you need to prepare for the many aspects of motherhood coming your way. Bri's workshop has helped me feel better equipped and more confident to breastfeed and practice baby massage. Her positive, bubbly personality provides a welcoming environment, and her workshops are very affordable! Highly recommend!"

-Jennifer Corbridge  

This class was SO helpful and amazing! It answered all my questions and I have already done a couple of breastfeeding classes and felt like I still had so many unanswered questions. THANK YOU!”

-Allison Rourke

"I like how intimate the workshop was, and that Bri was able to demonstrate exactly what she was describing in real-time."

"This class is soooooo good! I had so many questions as a first time mom and they were all answered. Thank you so much".


"Sharing your experiences and your slides were not overwhelming with to much information. Was easy to follow. When you say you were talking too much at the beginning...this is the part I actually really enjoyed because you explained everything in detail. It was so interesting"

"This is a great class. I am a first time mom and I was feeling really lost about starting to breastfeed. Now I feel more confident and want to take more classes from Bri".




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Can't wait!