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More Milk Prerecorded Workshop - Breezy Babies

More Milk Prerecorded Workshop

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 More Milk- How to have a rockin' milk supply from the beginning.


*This is not a live class. It's prerecorded with unlimited, lifetime access. This workshop is about 1.5 hours and taught by Bri. 


Want to set yourself up for an amazing breastmilk supply, from the very beginning?? Come spend one hour with Bri and leave a confident mama.

This class is perfect for pregnant mamas, those planning to be pregnant soon, or those with a young baby. 

 *This class pairs perfectly with the Latch 101 Prerecorded Workshop. Grab both for full breastfeeding preparedness!


Watch to learn about:

  • Supply and Demand
  • Hunger Cues
  • What to expect in the first few days
  • When and how to boost supply
  • Bonus: Secret Weapons


Here's what others are saying:

"After the latching 101 class I was feeling like I wanted to learn even more :). This class was super helpful in learning even more about breast feeding and being confident that my body will make enough milk for my baby. Thank you!"

-Allison Rourke

"Omg Bri your 'more milk' workshop was absolutely amazing! I cannot praise it enough, you go into so much detail, and the speed and tone of your voice was just perfect. I feel so much more prepared, and alot more educated around how to overcome challenges during breastfeeding. I definately believe the latch 101 workshop and the more milk workshop go hand in hand. Thank you so much for releasing these workshops! 😊💖"

-Dal Bing

"Very informative and extremely interesting. So easy to listen to and follow. I now feel so much more confident".
"I loved the visual aspect. Being able to see what exactly to do was super helpful!"

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Can't wait!