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Infant Massage Online Course FAQ's

Infant Massage Online Course FAQ

-Who was this course created by? Bri is an RN, IBCLC Lactation Consultant and a Certified Educator of Infant Massage. The massage strokes are the same ones that you would learn in an in-person infant massage class, but the online course allows Bri to teach families everywhere from the comfort of your own home. You can complete the entire course in your jammies!

-Why Infant Massage? The main goal of Infant Massage is to increase bonding between parent and child. The benefits don’t stop there though! Additional benefits include improved sleep, more relaxation for both parent and child, decreased muscle tension, improved circulation, improved weight gain, toned GI tract, decreased gas and constipation, decreased pain (such as with teething), just to name a few!

-What age is Infant Massage good for? This Infant Massage online course is specific to babies from newborn to crawling age, but can easily be modified for any child. Kids of all ages love to be massaged! Older children may enjoy picking out their favorite essential oil and then what body area they would like massaged.

-What does the Infant Massage online course include? As soon as the purchase of the course is completed, a pdf is emailed straight to you with the full e-book course. It includes an Introduction to the Author, links to all 10 video modules and typed out text of each stroke for easy and convenient access. The 10 video modules include a welcome video, how to start, legs and arms, stomach, chest, back, arms and hands, face, gentle movements (baby yoga, anyone?) and colic/gas relief.

-What devices can this course be accessed on? The full course is sent as a simple pdf file that can be downloaded and saved to any device. It can be accessed on any phone, tablet or computer. The videos require internet access, but the typed massage stroke guide can be downloaded and saved, or also easily printed off. You will have both the videos to watch the strokes and also a typed out description of each stroke.

-What additional things will I need before I can start massaging? The online course will educate you on everything you need to know about massaging your little one, from head to toe. The only additional item needed would be a massage oil. Options for massage oils are listed in the course but most families have acceptable oil already in their own home or kitchen. If not, massage oil can easily be found at any grocery store and many online stores.

-What if I have questions throughout the course? Your purchase includes access to an exclusive Facebook group, moderated by Bri, to be sure you have all your massage related questions answered. You will be sure to feel confident in your massaging abilities!

-How long does the course take, from start to finish, and how long does the massage last? All 10 videos can be watched in less than one hour. How quickly you incorporate the massages to your little one is up to you. It’s best to start with the Legs and Feet only, and then slowly add in the other body areas. The massage time can be done as often as you want, for as long as you both wish! Many families prefer to massage once a day for about 10-15 minutes.


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