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It's Time To Get Real
How is your transition into parenthood going? Do you feel like you could use a professional on your side to help you through? I'm here to help.

Bri is a RN, Childbirth Educator, IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Certified Educator of Infant Massage. 

Have I got a deal for you!

No sense in beating around the bush... Here's the details on what's being offered:


- Access to my Infant Massage with Bri Online Course (a $69 value)

- One-on-one coaching with Bri about anything pregnancy, childbirthing, boobs, baby or breastfeeding related. (a $50 value)

- A Free Motherlove Birth and Baby Oil to the first 4 to join (a $9.95 value)



(a $128.95 value)

All I ask in return is your honest feedback and for you to share what you loved with 30 people you know.

That's it.

What's expected of you:

As you can see, this offer is soooo discounted. The reason that I'm offering it to 30 of you, in my crew, is because I KNOW that this information can up-level not only the health of your baby but also your relationship and bonding with your baby. It just needs to get out into the world because I know there are so many moms in need. (The road into parenthood can be so bumpy, right??)


VERY IMPORTANT!! I ask that you only accept this offer if you are willing to:

1- Give your honest feedback on the massage course as you use implement it with your own family.

2- Tell 30 families about the course and what was helpful about the massage techniques you learned. 


As a HUGE thank you for your help, I will be offering you a free coaching session! It's a laid back type coaching session, where you just type up your questions, send them in and I'll respond with a personalized video made just for you. 




How to snag this deal? Here's what to do:


- Click the BUY NOW button below. Add the online course to your cart, and click CHECKOUT. See how the discount code CREW30 is already applied? That's right. You just got $30 off the course. Bam. 


Then, here's what will happen next:


1- Watch the course (all the modules can be watched in 1 hour!), massage your kiddos and then fill out the feedback form that will be sent to you in 1 week. I want all the juicy details!


2- Share what you loved about the course with 30 families (you can include the link There they can subscribe and get the ILY strokes for free!). This can even be a simple email or Insta post/story!


3- Brainstorm what you want to ask Bri about, in regards to pregnancy, childbirthing, breastfeeding, boobs or babies. Watch for a separate email. It will have a link to a Google Form where you can ask Bri up to 6 questions. You will get back a personalized recorded response answering alllll your questions!

I have loved seeing what Infant Massage is doing not only for my own family, but families I teach it to.
Just in this last week alone, I:
- Massaged my 9 year old daughters chest to help loosen congestion from her sickness.
- Taught two different clients how they can massage their babies bellies, to help their constipated and gassy baby get a poop out. 
- Massaged my 6 year olds legs and feet to help her relax and fall asleep for the night. 

Don't forget: This deal will expire in 6 days and is available to the first 30 who buy so better now, than later!

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