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More Milk Mama Workshop - Breezy Babies

More Milk Mama Workshop

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 More Milk- How to have a great supply from the beginning 

(Thursday, March 18th at noon MST)


Want to set yourself up for an amazing breastmilk supply, from the very beginning?? Come spend one hour with Bri and leave a confident mama.

This class is perfect for pregnant mamas, those planning to be pregnant soon, or those with a young baby. 


Join live to learn about all the things to set you up for the best supply possible, starting with those early days after birth. (There will be time for a Q&A at the end, so you won't leave any questions unanswered!)

This workshop will last about 1 hour, but the playback will stay available after. 

If you can't make it live but have a question you would like answered, just email it to before the workshop is scheduled to start.

The workshop Zoom link will be emailed to you, once the purchase is complete.