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Personalized Pumping Plan - Breezy Babies
Personalized Pumping Plan - Breezy Babies
Personalized Pumping Plan - Breezy Babies
Personalized Pumping Plan - Breezy Babies
Personalized Pumping Plan - Breezy Babies

Personalized Pumping Plan

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Exclusive pumping, combo feeding (pumping and breastfeeding), or working mama? You need a personalized pumping plan in your life! Let Bri, a Registered Nurse, and IBCLC Lactation Consultant, help make your pumping journey a breeze and give you the confidence you need to meet your breastfeeding goals. 

With your own pumping plan you'll learn:

- When to start pumping and how often.

- When to start building a freezer stash and how much milk to save.

- The best time to introduce a bottle, and how. 

- How much your baby needs at every feeding.

- How to protect your supply while apart.

- How to maximize your milk output. 

- How to move seamlessly from breast to bottle and back again.

and more!

Here's what to expect:
Once you purchase, a Google Form will instantly be sent to the email address used for purchase. Fill that out so Bri can get all the info she needs. Then, within 2-5 business days of Bri receiving your form, your personalized plan will be emailed back in pdf form so you can save it on any device. It will contain the info you need to achieve pumping success!


Each plan is 100% personalized + will include between 15 and 20 pages long (I jam-pack it will all the info you need to meet pumping success!)

Heads up! The email you use for purchase will be how you receive your digital items. As soon as you click "purchase" a form will be instantly sent so Bri can collect a bit more information to customize your plan. Once Bri receives that form, your personalized plan will be emailed (in 2-5 business days) in a pdf that can be downloaded on any device, or printed off. 

I've made personalized pumping plans for baby's of ALL ages but do you want to know the sweet spot to get one? When your baby is around 3-4 weeks old! Purchase now and fill out the Google doc when you're ready for your plan.

Do you still have some questions? Check out my Highlight Reel of FAQ's.

You can also send an email to or text/call ‪(801) 513-3255‬.

*This plan is not medical advice and does not replace meeting with your healthcare provider and/or an IBCLC.

Not sure if this is right for you? Here's what others are saying:

"I was returning back to third shift after 12 weeks. I was anxious and filled with uncertainty. The personal pumping plan helped ease my fears and answer questions I didn't even know I had! I have even been able to help others with her information! So grateful!"

-Hannah S. 


"Even though this was my third little one, I was still so uncertain of what to do when it came to pumping at work and how to even incorporate into my workday. I saw Bri had personalized pumping schedules and knew I needed to seek her assistance! She is thorough, understanding, and she really put my mind at ease. My first day back to work was today, 2 Nov, and I used the schedule she set for me. Also, thanks to Bri, when I started my breastfeeding journey this go around I used her tips on her IG page to help with enforcement during the early days. It was a lifesaver!!"

- Megan Lima

"Even though I’m still a couple of months away from returning to work, I knew I needed to go ahead and get the plan so I could feel more confident. Knowing ahead of time that I have the answers and knowledge to make pumping at work feasible makes me feel like I can enjoy these two months much more because I’m not worrying! Thank you for sending me my personal pumping plan so quickly!!"

- Sara Heflin (google review)



“Wow!! This is all such helpful information! I feel like I have all the tools to succeed and meet my goals! Thank you! ❤️… I definitely feel like my fears are calmed now, I was so stressed about how it was all going to work!”

- Jordan G. (A mom prepping to leave for a 7 day trip away)

"Thank you for this! I have been using and reading it all the past few days to see if I have any follow-up questions but I don’t. You cover allll the information so well. As I am heading back to work, I realized this was one of my biggest anxieties. Thank you for having a resource like this especially to support first-time moms like me. Thank you"
- Tenneil C.

"Thank you for this. I love the details and the depth of explanations and instructions. This is truly amazing and I look forward to this breastfeeding journey with my personalized pumping plan."
- Miriam W.

"I am so grateful! My personalized plan gave me confidence and eased my fears about going back to work."
- Hannah S.


I am so excited for my pumping plan! I am actually returning to work at a later date so I just starting with pumping in the mornings after our first feeding!  I can’t wait to build my stash (: I love how you break down all of the times and sessions while at work, it’s going to make it so much easier knowing how many times I should pump! You’re awesome!! 
- Morgann S.