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Even though I’m still a couple of months away from returning to work, I knew I needed to go ahead and get the plan so I could feel more confident. Knowing ahead of time that I have the answers and knowledge to make pumping at work feasible makes me feel like I can enjoy these two months much more because I’m not worrying! Thank you for sending me my personal pumping plan so quickly!!

(Personalized Pumping Plan)

Sara Heflin

Bri was such a fantastic instructor and this would be a great course for moms/dads with new babies to learn how to connect in this way.

(Baby Massage)

Mara S.

I loved it and my baby loved it!

(Baby Massage)

Regan B.

I loved that it was a mutual thing between mom and baby- not just mom TO baby. I loved that you ask baby for permission and were constantly engaging with them. And that it is 100% appropriate to stop when they have had enough. I liked that you were encouraged to find the time, place, environment, strokes that felt right between you and baby- it’s not just a blanket one thing fits all approach.

(Baby Massage)

Shay H.

I have loved being able to have another way to promote bonding with my big kids. I’m excited to have the additional knowledge to help when my baby arrives and see the differences it makes from the beginning.

(Baby Massage)

Jodi C.

I am so excited for my pumping plan! I am actually returning to work at a later date so I just starting with pumping in the mornings after our first feeding!  I can’t wait to build my stash (: I love how you break down all of the times and sessions while at work, it’s going to make it so much easier knowing how many times I should pump! You’re awesome!! 

(Personalized Pumping Plan)

Morgann S

I am so grateful! My personalized plan gave me confidence and eased my fears about going back to work.

(Personalized Pumping Plan)

Hannah S.

Thank you for this. I love the details and the depth of explanations and instructions. This is truly amazing and I look forward to this breastfeeding journey with my personalized pumping plan.

(Personalized Pumping Plan)

Miriam W.

Thank you for this! I have been using and reading it all the past few days to see if I have any follow-up questions but I don’t. You cover allll the information so well. As I am heading back to work, I realized this was one of my biggest anxieties. Thank you for having a resource like this especially to support first-time moms like me. Thank you

(Personalized Pumping Plan)

(Personalized Pumping Plan)

Tenneil C.

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