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Welcome! Let's crush your lactation goals.

Hi, I'm Bri the IBCLC aka expert in lactation. I started Breezy Babies with you in mind. Yes, you in the throws of morning sickness or baby spit up.

If you're looking for more confidence in your lactation journey, you're in the right place.

Our team of IBCLC's is ready to help smooth out the transition from pregnancy to 4th trimester, no matter your zip code.

We make your journey a breeze when it comes to all things boobs, babies and breastfeeding. It's what we do.

We can't wait to work with you, whether it's meeting in-person or over secure video, or with our digital downloads. Let's do this.

Lactation Care should not be a luxury

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Meet the team

Brianne Taggart RN, IBCLC, CEIM

Bri is located in Kaysville Utah and travels a 30-minute radius from there. She also meets with families all over the world via telehealth.

Bri specializes in gut health, pumping plans for returning to work and baby massage.


Holly Hill RN, IBCLC

Holly is located in Kaysville Utah and travels a 30-minute radius from there. She also meets with families all over the world via telehealth.

Holly specializes in oral restriction assessments, efficient pumping, and provides inclusive, non-judgemental care.


Alexis Shrock IBCLC

Lex is located in Clinton Utah and travels a 30-minute radius from there. She also meets with families all over the world via telehealth.

Lex specializes in looking at the whole picture and making sure mom and baby are finding joy in their feeding choices.


Kellie Nielsen RN, IBCLC

Kellie is located in Des Moines Iowa and travels a 30-minute radius from there. She also meets with families all over the world via telehealth.

Kellie specializes in latch assessment, pumping plans, and meeting families where they are in their feeding journey.


Shelly Stam RN, BSN, IBCLC

Shelly is located near Syracuse Utah and travels a 30 minute radius. She also meets with families all over the world via Telehealth.

Shelly specializes in prenatal support, latch difficulties, and pumping.


Meghan Giampaoli IBCLC, PNE

Meghan is located near Yuba City California and travels a 30 minute radius from there. She also meets with families all over the world via telehealth.

Meghan specializes in prenatal support, oral restrictions, reflex based infant feeding, and pumping.


Chloe Gonzalez RN, BSN, IBCLC

Chloe is located in St. George, Utah and travels a 30-minute radius from there. She also loves meeting with families all over the world via telehealth.
Chloe specializes in prenatal breastfeeding education, latch/oral assessments, baby-led weaning, and supporting parents in their postpartum journey.


We love our mentees too!

You may see these faces when we meet with you. These ladies are working hard towards getting their IBCLC certification.

They help us by taking great notes and sharing helpful tips and tricks.

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Even though I’m still a couple of months away from returning to work, I knew I needed to go ahead and get the plan so I could feel more confident. Knowing ahead of time that I have the answers and knowledge to make pumping at work feasible makes me feel like I can enjoy these two months much more because I’m not worrying! Thank you for sending me my personal pumping plan so quickly!!

(Personalized Pumping Plan)

Sara Heflin

Bri is amazing and so knowledgeable! I am grateful for her coming to my home and helping me along in my breastfeeding journey as a first time mama. I was pleasantly surprised by how thorough her assessment and recommendations were. Bonus: you can tell she truly loves what she does! I would highly recommend Bri to anyone looking for help with any lactation needs. It can definitely be a tough journey and having the right support makes all the difference.

Crystal T. (Google Review)

Bri is wonderful! We had two telehealth consults and she also created a personalized pumping plan for me. Both were tremendously helpful. I was really struggling to figure out if I was pumping enough and the stress was reducing my supply further. After talking with Bri and utilizing the tips from the pumping plan I was able to get to the point of having an ounce left over each day…at the end of the week I get to add the extra to my freezer stash! I would highly recommend Bri to anyone in need of a lactation consultant.

Angela S (Google Review)

I loved that it was a mutual thing between mom and baby- not just mom TO baby. I loved that you ask baby for permission and were constantly engaging with them. And that it is 100% appropriate to stop when they have had enough. I liked that you were encouraged to find the time, place, environment, strokes that felt right between you and baby- it’s not just a blanket one thing fits all approach.

(Baby Massage)

Shay H.

I have loved being able to have another way to promote bonding with my big kids. I’m excited to have the additional knowledge to help when my baby arrives and see the differences it makes from the beginning.

(Baby Massage)

Jodi C.

I am so excited for my pumping plan! I am actually returning to work at a later date so I just starting with pumping in the mornings after our first feeding!  I can’t wait to build my stash (: I love how you break down all of the times and sessions while at work, it’s going to make it so much easier knowing how many times I should pump! You’re awesome!! 

(Personalized Pumping Plan)

Morgann S

With my first child being 11 weeks early I needed a lot of help nursing and realized the variety of IBCLC’s and some not giving the best advice. Fast forward five years, my midwife recommended I follow Brianne and I loved her content! She has very trustworthy information and I’m thankful to be able to achieve my goals with her help! Very gifted!

Breanna C (Google Review)

Alexis was awesome! She arrived to my house prepared knowing all the information I previously provided, and she was happy to answer all the questions I had. She helped me breastfeed my baby during her visit and made sure that he had a good latch. As a first time mom, Im happy I had her help.

Marsha M (Google Review)

Thank you for this! I have been using and reading it all the past few days to see if I have any follow-up questions but I don’t. You cover allll the information so well. As I am heading back to work, I realized this was one of my biggest anxieties. Thank you for having a resource like this especially to support first-time moms like me. Thank you

(Personalized Pumping Plan)

Tenneil C.

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