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157. How to move, support and THINK your way healthier, as a mom with guest Sarah Romero

Are you feeling depleted after pregnancy and through breastfeeding? Learn more about that process and how to support YOU so you can better support your baby with my guest Sarah Romero who is a health and fitness enthusiast.


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Welcome to the breezy babies podcast. This is episode 157. How to Move support and think your way healthier as a mom? Could you use more confidence as a parent? Welcome to the happy place for boobs and babies. You're in good hands. Breezy babies is where we ease your transition into parenthood because it's a bumpy road. Am I right? I'm your host Bri the ibclc. And if you'd like to make life as a parent more breezy, you're in the right place. I'm here to deliver small bite sized tips and tricks so you can crush your parenting and lactation goals. I'm honored to be on this journey with you. Let's go. Hey there friends. Welcome back for another episode of The breezy babies podcast. So good to be with you. Yesterday was officially the first day of summer. And I know by the time you listen to this, it'll be a little bit after summer has started. But we're still in full swing. Summer vacation mode over here. I think we've learned how to you know balance work life and summer life at our house. And I hope you're doing the same I am. I'm so excited to share today's podcast episode with you today I have a very special guest who is really an expert on this topic. And I learned a lot. Listening to her recording, I was taking notes. I'm so excited to share this. I even messaged her after and I was like, Oh my gosh, there's so many good tidbits from your recording that I want to put together so many different like reels and posts for my Instagram because there's just so much good stuff here. So if you're listening to this podcast, just know that you're about to get all the good stuff very soon. If you are wondering how to improve and support your mental and physical health as a mom, then this podcast episode is for you. I know that myself and many of my clients feel very depleted after pregnancy. And through breastfeeding, Sara is going to talk about that whole process and how to support you so that you can better support your baby, which is such an important topic things that I talk about with my clients all the time, especially with babies that are less than six months. A lot of times my clients will ask me, oh, are there certain supplements that I can take? Or what about this probiotic? What can we Is this something I can get my baby and a lot of times for young babies, we actually focus more on mom and supporting her and supplementing her so that she can get baby what she needs. So, of course, today's podcast episode is not medical advice. If you want specific advice for your journey, then you're going to work one on one with someone like me for breastfeeding or someone like Sarah, for specific help for you when it comes to nutrition and supporting yourself in the postpartum period. But I know you're going to leave today with some good tips and tricks to add in to your day to day life. So to introduce a little bit, Sarah was actually a client of mine. That's how I first met her. I helped her with breastfeeding. And since then, I followed her on Instagram just because she was a great client. I wanted to keep up with her. I liked the vibe of her Instagram page. And just over the years, I've noticed how helpful her stories were. And she would post about different things that she was eating like she would make a homemade hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows. And I was like what that is amazing, just the things that she would post about was just such a cool vibe and the way that she was really eating clean and being intentional about all the ingredients that she was putting in her body. I just thought it was such so amazing and so inspiring. So I've been on my own journey to clean up my own my own house hold and clean up my gut health. And so I've always loved learning about more ways that I can do that. And so Sarah shows a really, she shares a lot of really great tips on this. So before I turn the time over to Sarah, I want to talk a little bit more I did a master class. Earlier this year I did a baby poop workshop was my friend Allegro. And we put together all the tips and tricks for helping babies to poop regularly because we noticed that so many families were being told Have that, oh, it's normal for your baby to go a week or longer without pooping. And we're like, Oh, that is actually not normal. All humans ideally should be pooping every single day. So we put together a whole workshop, we had a great turnout, lots of families who came to that workshop, we still have it available for sell. She has on her website, I have it on my breezy baby's website, that baby put workshop. And one of the ways that we prepared to uplevel that workshop is by listening to Jennifer, she is a big name in the lactation world, she has a really holistic approach. And she put together a gut brain workshop that I listened to, I took meticulous notes. And I have pages of notes from this gut brain workshop that I refer back to often, especially for my tricky clients where I'm like, oh, there's something weird going on here that we don't I've never really seen before, we're not really sure it's not the classic things like a bad latch, or, you know, just some of those things are like body tension. And baby, there's something else going on. Her notes have saved me many times. For example, I had a client recently, who was having unexplainable breast pain, she had a history of IGT. And I'm not going to go into all the details of what all those things mean. But I was going through my notes and notice that low iodine can be a reason for those two things. So I'm still talking with my client about iodine, and figuring out what's normal for her. She also has a health history. Marcy has some issues with iodine. And so anyway, it's it's been such a valuable workshop. And in that workshop, Jennifer talks about heal the mom heal the baby came, which is a really important thing, we can't heal a baby's gut that struggling, if the mom's gut is struggling. So again, we always focus on mom first and then baby will follow suit. And also not only about gut health, but also if a baby is needing some body work, such as cranial sacral therapy, for body tension for alignment for whatever's going on in that baby's body. That's great to go and have some cranial sacral therapy done for baby. But do you know what's even better to have cranial sacral therapy for both mom and baby because the baby goes on has this great work done, and then comes back to stressful environment, for example, then that cranial sacral therapy really didn't do a whole lot of good because mom and baby are working so closely together for a breastfeeding relationship. Each one is literally half of the puzzle. And if one is out of alignment and out of whack than the other one will be as well. I really lot like how she talked in this workshop about not being a gatekeeper as a lactation consultant. Sometimes we get nervous as lactation consultants to suggest specific minerals suggest specific supplements. but spoiler alert, your health care provider is probably not going to know about many of the things that Sara is going to talk about today because both Sarah and Jennifer take a much more holistic approach than say your primary care physician may. I've experienced this in my own journey, I've had to look outside what my own primary care physician has suggested for me. As far as my gut health went, my primary care physician couldn't tell that anything was wrong with my gut health and suggested to have my gallbladder taken out, which actually would have made things much worse. It wasn't until I went to a more specialized doctor found out what was going on with my gut health. And I've gotten along that journey. I've turned to more holistic approaches and that's been a good fit for me. So as you listen to this today, just know that this is not medical advice. You'll want to work on someone one with one, one on one to find the right fit for you. But Sarah has some great tips for you. So a little bit about Sarah. She's a health and fitness enthusiast from Sandy, Utah. She has made it her mission to empower women to live their happiest healthiest life using food, movement and mindsets. So you're gonna love Sarah, you're gonna leave with so many actionable steps. So without further ado, here she is.



  • Introduction to this episode. 0:00
    • Today's episode is not medical advice.
    • Sarah is a client of mine and an inspiration.
  • The Baby Poop Workshop. 4:43
    • Gut brain workshop with Jennifer Tow.
  • Focus on mom first and then baby. 7:13
    • Cranial sacral therapy for both mom and baby.
    • Lactation consultant is not a gatekeeper.
    • Meet sarah, a health and fitness enthusiast from sandy utah.
  • Strategic nutrition, mindful movement and mindfulness practices. 11:40
    • Strategic nutrition, mindful movement and mindfulness practices.
    • The first topic, strategic nutrition.
  • You should be drinking mineral rich drinks. 14:05
    • Hydrate with mineral-rich drinks and nutrient-dense foods.
    • Adrenal cocktails for the first year.
  • Nutrition for postpartum mental health. 15:37
    • Dairy is a good source of fatty acids and calcium.
    • Adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms are helpful.
    • Mindful movement is essential for physical and mental health.
    • Exercise should make you feel good.
  • Mindfulness practices. 19:47
    • Mindfulness practices are the most impactful thing to do for health.
    • Stress hormones and stress.
  • How to start your day with mindfulness? 21:58
    • The key is to be consistent throughout the entire day.
    • Pay attention to your breath.
  • Stop and appreciate the little things all day. 24:01
    • Stop and appreciate the little things all day long.
    • Three things to do to thrive motherhood.
    • Connect with Sara on instagram and youtube.

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