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Baby Massage Online Course - Infant Massage with Bri

Baby Massage Online Course

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 Say goodbye to gas and constipation, and hello to better sleep and bonding. 

As soon as you complete your purchase, the full course is sent straight to your email in a simple pdf that can be downloaded to any device. Learn in your jammies, from the comfort of your own home, about how to improve the health of your family. 

All 10 modules can be watched in 1 hour. You get life time access, so go back and rewatch as many times as you want. You'll use these strokes for years to come!



Heads up! The email you use for purchase will be the email that your scheduling instructions will be sent to. That will be sent shortly after you click "purchase".



"I was introduced to Brianne's via Instagram by a fellow mama friend when I was still new to and learning about breastfeeding. She has so much helpful content and has always been so kind to respond to a question or comment here and there.

I love massages for myself and am hoping baby loves them too. Initially I learned just by following stories and the podcast. I got the full course and happy to try additional massage strokes. The tummy massages are great for digestion and baby pooped while I first practiced that module. I'm eager to continue massaging baby for all the wonderful physical benefits as I have received but more importantly emotional bonding as well. Thanks Bri!"

- L.K.


Loved the infant massage course! I would do it before bed and it really helped calm my baby down for a good nights sleep. I can tell in baby's sleep and feeding patterns when we don't do it. It was also a really sweet time to have with my baby. I really love that time to be calm and to connect!

- Bethany G.