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LIVE Breastfeeding Course: Latch 101 & More Milk - Breezy Babies

Breastfeeding Course: Latch 101 & More Milk

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Latch 101 + More Milk

A complete breastfeeding class, minus the boring hospital version.

Best taken while pregnant. 

(This course is prerecorded so you can watch it when you want. Includes lifetime access!)


Want to set yourself up for success for latching, from the very beginning? Would you like to avoid sore nipples? Come learn with Bri and leave confident.

This class is perfect if you're pregnant, plan to be pregnant soon, or have a young baby still struggling to latch.


Watch to learn about:

- Setting a breastfeeding goal

- How to latch

- How to have a great milk supply from the beginning

- How to avoid the 3 B's of nipple pain

- Best nipple creams and products


This course last about 1.5 hours. It's a pre-recorded course and can be watched anytime. 


Here's what families like you are saying about this course: 

"As a first time mom, it can be very overwhelming to realize all the education you need to prepare for the many aspects of motherhood coming your way. Bri's workshop has helped me feel better equipped and more confident to breastfeed and practice baby massage. Her positive, bubbly personality provides a welcoming environment, and her workshops are very affordable! Highly recommend!"

- Jennifer Corbridge 


"Very informative and extremely interesting. So easy to listen to and follow. I now feel so much more confident". 


"This class was SO helpful and amazing! It answered all my questions and I have already done a couple of breastfeeding classes and felt like I still had so many unanswered questions. THANK YOU!"
- Allison Rourke
"Bri is so easy to talk with. i have reached out to her via IG and things i come across and she replies. I feel she seriously cares".
- Amanda G
"This was so beneficial to me as a new mom. Bri made me feel so much more confident and seen with what has been going on in my experience with motherhood. She gave LOTS of information over a variety of topics and possibilities. She helped me feel like I was making the right choices with the options I had available"
"Bri's class was exactly what I needed to troubleshoot some issues with pumping and breastfeeding. She answered all my questions while really listening to where I was coming from and addressing my goals. If you have questions or issues with breastfeeding or pumping, I would absolutely recommend you take one of Bri's classes or talk to her!"
- Zoe Kaylor
"I am a second time mom, that had a pretty positive breastfeeding experience with my first. Even-though it went OK the first time, I had so many questions on how to make it go a little easier this time around. Bre answered all my questions, and made me feel more confident going into this the second time. Can't wait to jump into more of her classes."
"My nursing days are 14 years in the past (youngest child is 16) but I have always been a big breastfeeding fan; oddly the nutritional factor not being the main reason...we live in a culture that offers so many "things" to hold, rock, feed and care for our baby, with an underlying message that we are not capable of, or desiring to, meet our babies needs....breastfeeding forces us to stop and fully see the new being in front of reminds us that the world can just step back for a hot second because we are physically, emotionally & spiritually plugged into our baby... I'm beginning my training as a postpartum doula soon and I want to be a resource,{ not expert} on breastfeeding..."
"This is a great class. I am a first time mom and I was feeling really lost about starting to breastfeed. Now I feel more confident and want to take more classes from Bri"
"This class is soooooo good! I had so many questions as a first time mom and they were all answered. Thank you so much". 
- SN

"You have been the best support for me in breastfeeding journey. Not only were your workshops thorough in covering all essential topics but you have always taken the time to answer my queries in your DM which is amazing. Thanks for all your help and support". 
- Ayisha Chandni

"Bri’s podcasts and workshops have adequately prepared me for breastfeeding my first baby. I found Bri before I was even pregnant and have been soaking up her information ever since. I am now 31 weeks with our first baby and feel very prepared for breastfeeding. As a very neurotic person who is worried about every little thing, Bri’s information from these workshops and her podcast have truly given me peace of mind".