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Baby Gas Workshop - Breezy Babies
Baby Gas Workshop - Breezy Babies
Baby Gas Workshop - Breezy Babies
Baby Gas Workshop - Breezy Babies
Baby Gas Workshop - Breezy Babies
Baby Gas Workshop - Breezy Babies
Baby Gas Workshop - Breezy Babies

Workshop: Baby Gas & Poop

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Baby Gas and Poop-How to Massage your Baby’s Waist for the Waste

UPDATED with a new class, recorded October 2022

*This is not a live class. It's prerecorded with unlimited, lifetime access. This workshop is 2 hours and is taught by Bri from Breezy Babies and Allegra from Aloha Nutrition. 


Want to be able to help your little one through some crappy problems?? Come spend time learning with Bri and Allegra and leave a confident mama.

This class is perfect for those with a young baby. 


Watch you'll learn about:

  • Baby Gas - what’s normal/what’s not
  • Why do we care about baby pooping regularly
  • Breastmilk composition
  • What’s normal/what’s not
  • The 6 puzzle pieces of why baby isn’t regular
  • Babies 6+ months irregular bowel movements
  • Massage/stomach strokes


Here's what others are saying:


"Allegra and Brianne put together an amazing workshop with such useful information! We were able to take the things they taught and immediately put them to use. The infant massages that Brianne taught worked for us in getting rid of gas instantly and my little guy already seems like he feels better! I will also be implementing some diet changes that Allegra spoke about and hope to see a difference in his tummy issues. I can’t say enough about how easy to follow, upbeat, and helpful this entire workshop was".
- Hannah Trawick
I had been struggling for weeks (months?) trying to figure out my gassy 3 month old. Having a clear and concise workshop run by professionals in the field was super helpful! I was able to understand the issue of baby gas so much better and I was able to walk away knowing so much more than when I came in. Highly recommended to anyone else struggling with baby gas.
Loved this workshop. I was giving my baby the Gerber probiotics occasionally but never felt like they did much. I loved learning about probiotics and how they are love organisms so we should try to find a brand that needs to be refrigerated. I always loved the baby massage techniques. They didn’t necessarily make my baby go poop because he wasn’t constipated but it definitely soothed him and is something he loves to do now. I feel like I research everything online constantly but felt like I knew more after watching the workshop because they are able to give you the why’s instead of just the what’s.

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You get lifetime access! 


Can't wait.