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FREE Nipple Measuring Tool: Find Your Flange Size - Breezy Babies

FREE Nipple Measuring Tool: Find Your Flange Size

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Need help finding the right flange size? Order this FREE printable Breezy Babies nipple ruler. 

Chances are you're NOT using the right flange size. Especially if you're using the 24 or 25mm flange that came standard with your breast pump...

We find that most are using a flange that's too BIG which leads to more discomfort and less milk output (hello swollen nipples). 

As soon as your purchase is complete, you'll instantly receive a download with your file. This file can be easily downloaded and then printed off. It comes with instructions for printing and cutting out the sizing circles. 


*You will need access to a printer to use this product!

Pro tip: if you’re printing from your phone, save the image and then print from your “photos” for correct dimensions.