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Breastfeeding Hospital Plan: Have a Strategy in Place Before You Deliver!


It’s the end of your pregnancy and baby is coming soon! You have the car seat ready, hospital bag packed and bassinet set up. Sounds familiar but have you thought about your plan to feed this baby after delivery?

Here are my top 3 tips to help you set a breastfeeding plan:

1- Take a Prenatal Breastfeeding Course:

Did you know that the best time to learn about breastfeeding is BEFORE your baby comes? Having that base knowledge in place before you ever step foot in the hospital will start you off on the best foot. Take a quality breastfeeding course towards the end of your pregnancy and write down your breastfeeding goals and plans. Share these goals with your partner so they can also advocate for you in the hospital or birth center. 

2- Learn to Hand Express: 

My biggest and best advice for you today? Learn how to hand express! It’s the easiest and quickest way to get your breastmilk to the baby when they’re needing a little extra boost or having trouble latching. (Remember that colostrum is breastmilk too!) To hand express, just hold your breast with a “C” shaped hand. Go in towards your chest wall and then bring your fingers together behind your areola (that darkened area around your nipple). It takes some practice to find that “sweet spot” but once you see some drops forming, you know you’re doing it right! Simply take those drops and put them straight into the baby’s mouth. That may be all the supplement or boost they needed, and your body is still getting the stimulation it needs in the process. Win-win!

3- Get help!

Those road bumps in your breastfeeding journey will still certainly pop up along the way but when they do, get help from a professional! IBCLC's are highly trained in all things breastfeeding. They can be another advocate to help guide you towards your breastfeeding goals. 

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