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Breastfeeding Mommy Must-Have Items

Hey girl!

I see you there. Pregnant. Planning to breastfeed.

Putting together long lists of baby registry items...

Asking fellow mamas what they suggest you need and getting 5,000 responses...

Wondering what items are really going to get used...


Now it's true that not EVERYONE loves the exact same baby items but as a Registered Nurse and IBCLC Lactation Consultant, I have traveled to hundreds of homes to help families with all things breastfeeding. 

While there, I have noticed common items that multiple families just LOVE and make their lives easier. Wouldn't you love a bit more ease in your new mommy-life too?

I thought so which is why I put together a fun list of some of my favorite things that are perfect for breastfeeding mommies. 

So let's do it!

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 Nursing Bras


First off, let's talk nursing bras. You're going to need a good one for support and protection but perhaps you'd also like the option of hands-free pumping? I've got just the one for you, girl.

Meet the Bravado Bra:

This beauty does it all, including holding your flanges in place while you pump plus it's way cuter than a cut up, old sports bra! So if you're a working mama or plan to use a breastpump, then I would choose the Bravado. 


Another loved hands-free pumping bra that I've seen countless clients with is the Simple Wishes pumping bra. It pops on quick and is adjustable (because we all know there are a lot of changes in size going on after birth, and beyond, right?)

Meet Simple Wishes:


 Breast Pumps

Since we're talking about pumping, you know you can get a FREE breastpump from your insurance right? It's easy too. Just follow this link to find out how:


A simpler breastpump that my clients raaaaaave about is the Haakaa. It's perfect for catching that letdown, that's otherwise lost in your breast pad (or makes a giant puddle-mess on your lap). Yes, a working mama or an exclusively pumping mama will need a double, electric breastpump, but a Haakaa is a bit different. If you're looking to easily and conveniently catch some extra ounces, then you'll love the Haakaa. 

Not sure how to use the Haakaa? Watch my Insta story here to find out more deets:

See what I'm talking about? So slick. 

If you wanna grab one or two of these little loves, let me tell you how...

Meet Haakaa:



 Nipple Healing


Important lesson: Take care of your nips, so they can take care of you + your baby. 

I not only have my fave nipple ointment to share with you, but something else special that you may not have ever heard of. 

First, nipple cream. I like it to work. I like it to not smell strong. I like it to be safe for my baby. (And major perk for organic too!). Motherlove nipple ointment checks all of those boxes. 

I don't go to a lactation consult without my Motherlove nipple cream! This stuff is the best.

Meet Motherlove:


Nipple cream is awesome but did you know that there's something called Silverette's that uses the natural properties of silver to heal? If you're already in the painful nipple category, then I'd just skip right to the Silverette's. 

These little babies are naturally antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial. What I love about these is that you can use them for years, with all your breastfeeding babies. It's a one and done purchase! Plus, after you're done breastfeeding you can send them in to be made into a darling necklace. No joke!

Meet Silverette's:



I want you to pause for one second and think about how your baby has been INSIDE your belly, for 9 months or so. Now think about how silly it is to expect a baby to suddenly be okay with being laid down, away from you. Your baby wants to be next to you. She wants to smell you. She wants to hear your heart beating. She wants your warmth. She wants everything that you have to offer but I get it- mama needs her hands-free too!

Wearing your baby is the perfect way to still give your baby that comfort, while still allowing you to have your hands free. If you have to choose between a fancy swing, rocker, whatever expensive gadget that was made to hold your baby, I would recommend first investing in a wrap or carrier!

Would you believe that babywearing helps decrease rates of postpartum depression? It's true! So let's keep that love-hormone flowing.

Meet Solly Baby:


Need something a bit more robust, and that can also grow with your baby?

Meet Ergobaby:


So good, right? 

Enjoy friends!



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