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126. Fueling Your Postpartum Body, Chasing Kids And Losing Those Tough Pounds with guest Sam Bree from Fueled Motherhood

Learn how to nourish your body so you can better nourish your baby in the postpartum period. My guest today is Sam Bree. She's a personal trainer and nutrition coach who has some great tips for staying on track after giving birth.
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Welcome to the Breezy Babies podcast, where we talk about all things boobs, babies and breastfeeding. This is episode 126. Fueling your body postpartum. I'm Bree the IBCLC and I made Breezy Babies with you in mind to help ease your transition into parenthood. Becoming a parent changes your life and every way imaginable. Bumps in the road are going to come up as you move into your new role, but my goal is to help smooth out those bumps and help you become the most confident parent you can be. With good education and support, I know you can meet your breastfeeding and parenting goals. Let's do this together. Hey, friend, how are you? How's your day going? Thank you so much for coming and listening to the Breezy Babies podcast episode. So excited to chat with you today. And it's not just me that's going to be chatting with you today. I have an amazing guest that I can't wait to share with you. She's going to be talking about fueling your body while chasing kids and losing those last tough pounds. That can be a little tricky hanging on to after having a baby. But before I introduced that guest to you, I want to read a review for you. This one is actually not technically a review. It is instead a comment that was recently made on one of my Instagram posts. And I want to read it to you because it just made my day. And it also reminded me that not only women listen to this podcast, which is totally fine. I just always imagine that I'm talking to one of my girlfriends. I actually have taken a couple of different business classes, learning about marketing and building a business and really talking to your person. And with a business, you have to do that. You have to literally narrow it down to one person, and you think about how old that person is, if it's a boy, if it's a girl, what she would do, what she would eat, what she would wear, what type of music she would like, where she would work, how old she is. If I didn't already say that, you literally think about your ideal customer and you act like you are speaking to them with everything that you do in your business. So that's what I do. And if you listen to my stuff and you're like, oh, I am not a woman, but I am supporting someone who is nursing, then just know that this podcast is totally for you as well. Okay, this is what the comments said, and I won't read the name because I'm not quite sure what their name is, but I know that you listen to this and I'm going to give you a huge shout out and huge thank you. So you said, My wife and I don't have babies yet. We thought we'd get a head start. We found your podcast over a year ago and we've both been listening to you ever since. We've read many books too, on children and find your practical approach and straightforward education to be the best we've come across. We listen to your podcast when we can, most of the time while we're driving to and from work. Keep up the good work. I especially love that podcast talking about your earlier career with so many hours and you said when you feel stuck in a career, keep moving forward. That's helped me more than you can know. Look forward to hearing today's podcast. Thank you for all you do and you're amazing. Isn't that the nicest comment ever? I just feel like I have the nicest followers on the nicest little corner of Instagram and this podcast and on the web. So if that was your comment that you left for me, then send me an email brie at breezybabies and I'm going to send you a freebie a download of your choice from And that is just a small, little thank you for leaving a review, you guys. If you know someone who owns a small business, leaving a review is the simplest, easiest, cheapest thing you can do to help support them in their business. And it gives them a little boost to keep going because it's no easy task running your own business. All right, let's shift now and talk a little bit more about start introducing what our episode is about today. So there's one thing I've learned the hard way after having my last baby, my fourth baby, is that I have to care for myself before I can care for my baby. I've really learned over this past year, even especially in the past few months, that what I eat matters. It matters because my gut health becomes my baby's gut health and I can't give something I don't have. Plus I need to fuel my body because I am literally feeding another human being. You and your baby's only food source in the first six months of life is you are your baby's only food source in the first six months of their life, especially if you're exclusively breastfeeding. Often your baby will get what she needs. So we really want to think about protecting and fueling you. But of course, you can't give the vitamins and minerals that you don't have. So take home message is nourish you so that you can better nourish your baby. Now hear this. You don't need a perfect diet to breastfeed. I'm not saying to not breastfeed if you eat fast food or if you eat some junk food here and there or all the time. That's not it. Breast milk is still the preferred and best food. You don't need a perfect diet. Again, we just might want to think about better nutrition, especially if you're feeling sluggish or overly tired or if you or your baby seems to have gut imbalances, which is a whole different topic that I won't go into today. But just know that there is always an answer. Things like colic or reflux in your baby. That is not the diagnosis. That's not the end diagnosis. It just means that there's something else going on. What's the root cause? What's causing the problem? What's causing the discomfort? Sometimes taking a closer look at your diet can be the answer to your baby's issues. And in the process, by improving your diet, we are healing your gut too. We're improving your health. It's a win win. And let me tell you right now, it's not easy talking from firsthand experience here. It takes time and effort. But it's all about small improvements and small daily choices that serve us better than the choices we may have made the last time. If you're wondering more about my own journey with gut health, go back a few episodes where I talk about SIBO and gut issues. Leaky gut after having a baby. We're not going to go into that today. Today's podcast guest is more of a nutrition expert and she loves working with moms in the postpartum period. But before we get to that, I need to let you know that today's episode is brought to you by one of my favorite companies in the Lactation space. Series Chill. Series is a three in one breast milk chiller that makes pumping, storing and feeding a breeze. If you've ever had to pump your milk at work in the middle of the night or while you're away, you know the frustration of juggling storage bags and frequent trips to the Fridge or freezer. Series is a sleek storage system that stores all your milk in one place. It keeps your milk cold for up to 20 hours without any bulky ice packs or Insulated cooler bags. You have to go to the Series website just to see how beautiful and durable the double walled stainless steel is. The Chiller can hold up to 34oz at a time. It's dishwasher safe, TSA approved. It's even compatible with all major breast pumps so you can pump directly into the chamber that's Series ceres. And listen, all my pumping friends agree it is truly a game changer if you pump and store breast milk on the go. And I have an affiliate discount code for you. You can use Breezy 15 BR eezy 15 for 15% off at Series Or you can just click the link in the show notes. Alright, let's get back to today's topic feeling your body, chasing kids and losing those tough pounds. I want to tell you about my guest today. Her name is Sam Bree. Now, Sam is a mom like you, but she's also an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach with a bachelor's in biochemistry. So she's super smart. She knows about nutrition. So I am going to turn the time over to Sam. She's going to talk to you about feeling your body while chasing your kids and losing those last tough pounds. Here is Sam. Hey, Mama. I'm Sam Brie, creator and founder of Fuel Motherhood, where I guide you through one on one coaching, how to get fit while chasing kids, because I know your time is short and the demands are high. I'm a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through National Academy of Sports Medicine and have a Bachelor's in biochemistry. When I was pregnant with my first three years ago, I ended up in terrible hip pain, walking most days. So rather than addressing it during my pregnancy, I landed up in physical therapy for seven months postpartum. When I knew I wanted to get pregnant again, I decided I have to go into this pregnancy much stronger and I have to do PT while I'm pregnant. So that's what I did. And now my baby is six months old. I feel like myself. I don't have as much of the hip issues that I had with my last. My recovery was shortened tremendously, just a weak postpartum. I had the energy to start planting my garden. I started Fueled Motherhood with this in mind because every woman's body is so different. Your injury, your birth history, how you approach food and your diet. I take that all into consideration when we set up your customized plan. So let's jump in. Today I want to share with you my top three tips for fueling your body, chasing kids, and losing those tough pounds. So tip number one would be sleep. Yes. I think I just saw you roll your eyes. I had no idea of my first baby, how much sleep played a role in fat loss. When I say fat loss, what I mean is you're losing body fat, not just weight on the scale. Your body composition is actually changing. You're adding muscle while losing fat. That's what you want when you say, I want to look toned, right? So when we have a lack of sleep, this actually messes with our hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is produced by the adipose, or fat tissue and helps us regulate fat storage. It tells your body you're full. But when we don't sleep, this causes leptin to decrease and Grelen to increase. Ghrelin is another hormone that tells your body it's hungry. So your baby isn't sleeping, and of course, you're not either. Your brain tells you you're hungry, even though you don't actually need food. It's just trying to survive. You're trying to keep a baby alive. And if you're breastfeeding, your hunger has probably increased as well. I'll never forget when our daughter was born, we had friends from church come over and bring us food, what they thought was going to serve us for a few days. I literally ate the whole thing in a day. What I realized when I had my second, the feeling that I had that I thought I was starving, like I was constantly eating nothing, was making that feeling going away. I actually was just exhausted and I couldn't differentiate between the two and how my body responded to that. So here I am, my second baby, and we had tongue tie issues, which is a whole other story. Thankfully, that got resolved quickly. But I decided I was going to check my food and watch how I responded with this feeling and my lack of sleep. It was like an AHA moment. I realized what I thought was my body telling me I was hungry. I actually just needed to take a matt nap. So now I know the reality is some things are just not in our control. But when I realized sleep played such a big role, the weight came off so much faster the second time because it was honoring my body's need for sleep. So when I heard the phrase sleep, when the baby sleeps the second time around, I was like, oh wow. Like this is a secret weapon. These ladies know. Alright, I'm going to try, I'm going to try to sleep when the baby sleeps as much as I can. Realistically, right? Because you might have more than one kid and you have toddler to watch. Now, tip number two, make your workouts count. Now I know you think you need some hardcore training program with a ton of cardio and five days a week, but this actually is doing you a disservice. You're busy. Finding just a few moments for yourself is a challenge most days, let's be honest. So you need to make that time in the gym or basement, wherever you are, count. I personally enjoy putting in place flexible planning. I say we're going to work out three to four days a week when we set up your training program. Those days are flexible and we're going to add in just maybe one, two, depending on your goals, days of cardio, and keep it to about 15 minutes. Hip exercise and minimal rest within your workouts, you're going to aim for burning and breathless. I see a lot of people in the gym laying around and not putting in max effort. And let me remind you, you're listening to this podcast because you're a mom and you gave birth. So I know you can show up and do hard things in the gym, right? Like, come on. Tip number three, keep it simple and eat to fuel your body. My last tip for you is keep it simple with nutrition. Most women don't eat enough protein and don't understand the importance of key macronutrient plays in their overall body composition and even breast milk production. Let me share with you one of my three ways to plan your plates. The simplest is a plate method. This is where you want half your plate with vegetables, a quarter protein and a quarter complex carbs like sweet potato rice. Keep fat to a minimum just for flavor or cooking outside of enough protein intake, which should be about zero seven, at minimum to 10 times your body weight or ideal body weight depending on how much you have to lose. Most women are eating too high fat and don't even realize it. So next time you're cooking, really pay attention to how much oil you're putting on your food and start with just reducing that. I'm not saying go on a low fat diet. What I'm saying is, the reality is, fat carries the most calories. So by naturally reducing the fat you're putting on your food, you're naturally reducing your calories in an easy way. And in order for us to lose fat and lose weight, we need to be in a caloric deficit. Another option would be to track your macronutrients, your carbs, fats and protein, and focus on prioritizing how much protein you're eating. By tracking in an app like myfinis pal, I find that while tracking your food sounds like just one more thing I have to do, it actually keeps you honest and ensures you're eating enough. Starving yourself is not helping you reach your goals. And come on, who wants a hangry? Mom. Am I right? The day you run out of the door late, forget your protein shake, find yourself in a drivethru. Keep your meal simple, even if it means things like precooking some rice, or even buying the precooked bags of rice, throwing some frozen veggies on a plate and using your instapot to cook some shredded chicken. Have lots of different sauces on hand, like barbecue sauce or Asian flavorings to add some oomph to your food. Don't think feeling your body means some crazy whole foods diet and restricted eating. We have days where it's frozen dumplings extra chicken on the side and some frozen broccoli and it works and we feel better and it reaches my goals. So let's give a quick recap. Number one sleep when you can. And know that sleep is going to help you feel one like yourself and to help you lose fat. To make your workouts count, be burning and breathless and keep your cardio to a minimum. And I didn't say but walking. Add in as much walking as you can. Tip number three keep it simple and eat. To fuel your body, fill your plate with a ton of vegetables and make sure that you're prioritizing protein. So thanks so much for having me. If you're looking to work with me as a coach one on one training, you can find me at Fueled Motherhood on Instagram and just send me a DM and we can chat. Thanks so much. Alright, a huge thank you to Sam for coming on and sharing those top three tips about fueling your body in the postpartum period. If you want to say hello to Sam and connect with her and glean from her expertise, go to Fueled Motherhood on Instagram. She is taking new clients right now and she shared a coupon code with me that will get you 20% off all of her programs. That discount code is breezy. Babies just hit her up on Instagram, share that code and you can get 20% off her oneonone coaching services. So I am so glad that you listened in today. I can't wait to come back next week and share more information with you. Of course, if you ever are feeling like you need some help with Lactation in any way, whether it's starting with breastfeeding or ending with breastfeeding, you can always check to see if your insurance covers free consultations with us at Breezy Babies. We have three IBCLCs, so we have a great availability to see you soon. And sometimes your insurance even covers completely free consultations. But you never know until you check. So always in the show notes is a link so that you can check with our builders at Lactation Network to see if you get free consultations with us at Breezy Babies. Thank you so much for listening and come back next week for more good stuff. And of course I'm going to leave you with you are strong, you are smart, you are beautiful, you're a good friend to all. Have good one. Talk to you next time.

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