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103. Leaky Gut & SIBO After Having A Baby

Sometimes things like pregnancy and birth can lead to unexplained nausea, abdominal pain, and bloating. I'm sharing my own personal journey with SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) in hopes that I can help another in search of answers. 

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  • Hi. My gut issues started after I stoped brestfeeding, 9 months postpartum. Beside gut issues I also developed rosacea that as I am reading (online) is closely linked with SIBO. My biggest problem is that doctors from Belgium (where I live) seem not to be able to find anything wrong with me and until now I haven’t heard from them word SIBO…What test have you done in order to have official SIBO diagnosis? Thanks

  • Hi there! I’m struggling right now with gut issues that the doctors can’t seem to figure out or find anything. I also am 5 months post partum. I came across this podcast and it seems very familiar to my situation. I just had a couple questions for you… How did you officially diagnose SIBO? What was the course of treatment you used? Was it with antibiotics?



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