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Haakaa is handy, and here's why:

Hey Mama!

The Haakaa. Oh man. How I wish I had this handy little device during my own breastfeeding journey. 

You may already know about the classic Haakaa but there's soooo much more to love. 

Let's chat and you'll see why I love these simple products that really deliver a huge bang for your buck:



You can't go wrong with the classic. Attach it to the opposite breast while you breastfeed and catch that letdown that's otherwise lost in your breast pad. It likely won't be a lot of milk but all those tiny amounts really add up! Check out my video here that teaches you all the basics of the Haakaa. 



This little bug catches milk but does it in more of a discreet way. You can pop this little guy straight into your shirt and it's hardly noticeable. Great way to catch some  bonus milk while still going about your day. 


Glass Bottle

I love glass bottles because they are safe for reheating, they look great and pass the test of time. This one holds up to 6 oz which means that it will be the plenty big for a breastfed baby! Bonus: this bottle can easily be converted to a sippy cup as your babe grows!


Let your little one gnaw on this, so she doesn't gnaw on you! Plus she's basically brushing those gums and little teeth so it's a double win. 

Freeze Breastmilk

Have a baby biter? Fill this handy little tool up with some of your breastmilk, freeze it and give it before you breastfeed to help numb up those little gums. 


So good, right? I know you're going to love these products too. And p.s., these are affiliate links. Your support helps me, help you get great stuff. Wins all around!