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17. Breastfeeding Questions You've Googled During Late Night Nursing Sessions, Answered Here.

We've all done it. Late night google searches, while we're up breastfeeding our baby. Bet I know one of the questions you've searched for before, because these are some of the top questions that are Googled (in regards to breastfeeding). Take a look: 

What are the best positions for breastfeeding with sore nipples?
Can I use a breast pump is my nipples are sore?
Can sore nipple decrease milk supply?
How long will nipples be sore from breastfeeding?
Is nipple pain normal when breastfeeding?
What causes nipple pain when breastfeeding?
How to treat nipple pain when breastfeeding?

Listen in and learn from a lactation expert. (hint: Google is not the expert).

*This podcast is not "medical advice". Please consult with your Healthcare Provider about your specific situation. 



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