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30. Breastfeeding Questions You've Googled During Late Night Nursing Sessions, Answered Here Part II

We've all done it. Late-night google searches, while we're up breastfeeding our baby. Bet I know one of the questions you've searched for before because these are some of the top questions that are Googled (in regards to breastfeeding). Take a look: 

How do I know my baby is getting enough at the breast?
What's an example of a breastfeeding schedule?
My baby falls asleep at the breast and then gets hungry soon after. What can I do?
Do I need a hand pump? Which one is best and why? 

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Listen in and learn from a lactation expert. (hint: Google is not the expert).

*This podcast is not "medical advice". Please consult with your Healthcare Provider about your specific situation. 

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